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The Bio Hair Spa salons are all about the natural beauty and health of the hair. The Bio Hair Spa team is made up of experts who have mastered their art and are passionate about promoting hair health - a unique approach that focuses on scalp AND hair wellness. Gianluca relies on passing on his skills and values 1:1 to his hand-picked team.


The salon values clients from different walks of life, from creative minds and entrepreneurs to public figures. Gianluca has served many people over the years, including some in the public eye. But he never rested on his celebrity status, instead focusing on his art and the vision of sustainable hair care.


What makes Bio Hair Spa unique is its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The salons offer an exclusive range of natural products, carefully patented and sourced from ethical suppliers. These support the idea of eco-friendly beauty.


Gianluca and his commitment to social responsibility go hand in hand with the promise of providing luxury and sustainable beauty services to everyone. Bio Hair Spa is more than a hair salon; it is a movement towards a more responsible and ethical beauty industry.

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Curative cuts

Our curative cuts focus on the nature of the hair. For the health of the hair, cutting should not only be done according to technique, but also according to the hair structure in order to bring out the best possible vitality of the hair.


Organic coloring

Our natural colors are made from ingredients with 99.998% organic origin, are ecologically controlled and manufactured “without animal testing”.

They are free of dangerous toxins and mineral salts.



Cosmetic blow drying

Our style must always be respectful of the hair. With the natural brushes, the cuticle is closed and the care ingredients are stored. The hair is treated gently using a specially developed blow-drying technique.



Organic highlights/balayage

Our patented highlights/balayage are all about reducing breakage in the hair and providing the best possible natural light effect, as if kissed by the sun. The techniques are always adapted to the individual hair structure.



BioTechnology Extensions

Extensions can be dangerous to the root if the individual hair muscles carry too much weight. To ensure that they are not damaged, the extensions need to be arranged individually, tailored to the individual hair structure.



Scalp imbalances

Our beauticians deal with all scalp types that need balance again, such as dry sebaceous (seborrheic dermatitis), sweaty, itchy, dandruff, neodermatitis, psoriasis, etc.



Healthy hair growth

Healthy hair growth depends on many factors: the right care and materials, the best treatments at home, a healthy scalp and a balanced overall mental and physical condition.

Creative minds, styling professionals, united for sustainable beauty. We bring unique talents together to make individual hair dreams come true.

The Organic Hair Spa Team

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