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Based on customer reviews, this salon was voted “Top Rated” for 2023.

Bio Hair Spa

Your hairdresser with biotechnology and natural cosmetics for vital hair and a healthy scalp

BioHair Philosophy


We love style and always do our best to not only be gentle on the scalp and hair, but also to be respectful of the environment.

For the sake of nature!

“Healthy skin is the basis for perfect make-up, vital hair for a perfect look.” The BioHairSpa team consisting of top stylists and beauticians for the scalp and hair structure offers a modern and holistic BioHair concept. This means that our focus is not only on the perfect cut, but also on a healthy scalp and vital hair. To achieve this goal, we work with high-quality natural products and natural materials, special organic techniques and a lot of respect for the special nature of your hair.

We take time for your hair and the optimal combination of health and your desired look.

Organic Hair Spa Style Munich
Organic Hair Spa Styling
Gianluca from Bio Hair Spa

Derma Cosmetics

Discover the feel-good experience: In our spa we create an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation for you. Our qualified team in cosmetics, massages and wellness, combined with organic techniques and the exclusive

Di Luca natural products pamper your senses. Experience what body and soul need to swing in balance:

Feel what your body and soul need most to regain balance:

 • Cosmetics

 • Wellness

 • Pain relief

 • Time out for two

Find out more about our diverse range here

Cosmetics & Massages.

Di Luca natural cosmetics
Organic Hair Spa

Shine Naturally

Revitalize with Di Luca,

totally natural.

Di Luca natural cosmetics


Pamper your hair with it

Di Luca. Brilliant. Soft.


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