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Pampering time for body and soul - A home spa for the holidays 🌟🍃

The place where body and mind should always feel comfortable is undoubtedly our home. In the midst of the holidays, we allow ourselves the luxury of pampering all our senses with small wellness rituals and allowing ourselves a break to recharge. Here are some tips on how you can give yourself a relaxing break:

Create the perfect atmosphere: We all know the basics of creating the perfect spa atmosphere - light a candle and put on some relaxing music. But what are the real secrets that make these rituals real spa moments? The protagonists are undoubtedly the essential oils, which stand out not only for their relaxing and calming effects when inhaled, but above all for their detoxifying and energizing effects thanks to their transcutaneous penetration. 🌺🎶

Magical moments with essential oils: Essential oils are ideal for enriching skin and hair care products. Minerals, vitamins and keratins play a crucial role in the success of this magical moment. ✨🌿

Mineralizing and calming spa moment:

Face: After your usual facial cleansing, apply a mask with algae cream and bitter orange oil (aroma A). The minerals in the algae hydrate the skin, while the aroma relieves tension and oxygenates the skin. 🧖♀️🍊

Scalp & Hair: While the facial mask works, pamper the scalp and hair lengths with an intensive, moisturizing treatment based on fossil diatoms, olive oil and rosemary (phytoplankton). After rinsing thoroughly, step into the shower. 🚿💆♀️

Breathe and Relax: Rest and breathe deeply to relax your body and mind. For about 5-10 minutes. 🌬️💤

Cleansing the scalp: Apply diluted honey shampoo to the scalp and massage gently, then rinse. 🍯🚿

Body & Face: Massage the body and face with the magical duo of wheat germ oil and jojoba oil. The skin is left supple and perfectly moisturized. Remove facial with a damp, warm cloth and use a nourishing facial cream. 💖✨

Relaxation and enjoyment: Don't forget to enjoy a relaxing, draining or detoxifying herbal tea during the treatment time. 🍵🌿

Ready for a quiet start to the day or a restful night. 🌙🌌

Di Luca products used:

Latte detergent

Crema Alghe

Aroma A

Fango Phyto

Shampoo Miele

Corpo Olio Vitaminico

Crena D4 Compex

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