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🌿 Chemical vs. Natural Coloring: The Way to Healthy Hair

Have you ever wondered what the exact difference is between chemical hair coloring and natural hair coloring? Here you will find not only interesting but also shocking information!

To create colors we use either chemical or organic compounds.

Here's a look at the world of chemical hair colors:

Iron - for brown tones from chestnut brown to dark brown.

Copper - for red tones through to intense mahogany or copper tones.

Aluminum - for special nuances or light/silvery reflections.

Manganese - for ash blonde tones or cool brown nuances.

Cobalt - for deeper blue tones or dark nuances.

Nickel - rare, may occur in dyes.

Pewter - for certain lighter shades or blends.

In order to anchor this color mixture, a developer or an oxidizing agent is needed that opens the hair color and embeds it into the hair structure. Even if the use of these metals is regulated, they settle on the scalp during the coloring process and enter the body. Sounds scary? That's it too! ... and not at all conducive to health and well-being.

Not to forget, it contains other questionable chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, phthalates, PPD and the like. Every time you color your scalp, it puts a lot of strain on your scalp, which often leads to irritation, dryness, intolerance and even burns.

What is different about natural colors?

Natural colors get their nuances directly from nature - from plants, fruits, roots to types of earth and rock. At Bio Hair Spa we use 88 color shades with up to 15 organic ingredients that even provide care during the coloring process. Hydrogen peroxide is used in a minimal percentage as an activator (also used as a wound disinfectant or for mouth rinsing by the dentist), which enables a healthy coloring for the hair structure and scalp.

Our paint complies with health guidelines, is cruelty-free and contains no substances harmful to humans or the environment. In contrast to some plant dyes such as henna, we can control colors precisely. Some natural colors contain mineral salts or fruit acids that dry out the scalp and hair.

With us you can combine nature with style without sacrificing control and precision.

🌿 Try it out and come by!

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