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Based on customer reviews, this salon was voted “Top Rated” for 2023.

Become part of our team: A journey into the world of beauty and sustainability 🌿

The beauty industry has changed a lot in recent years. The focus is no longer just on appearance, but also on sustainability and social responsibility. As a high-class hair salon, we have the honor of working with some of the world's most famous personalities and creating their unique styles. But our passion goes far beyond glamor and style. It extends into the areas of sustainability and social responsibility.

Our salon is not an ordinary hair salon, but a place where craftsmanship precision, creative passion and environmental awareness are in perfect harmony. Under the leadership of our founder, Gianluca, a star hairdresser from Milan, we have the privilege of counting many well-known faces from the fashion world among our valued customers.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to join our team, then read on as we offer you some compelling reasons why you should join us.

🟩A team of experts:

Our team consists of highly qualified and passionate hairdressers who have mastered their craft to perfection. For us, teamwork is our focus. We value the contributions of each individual and believe in the strength of working together.

🟩Sustainability in focus:

We rely on sustainable products and practices. Our products are carefully selected to promote hair health while protecting the environment. We use biodegradable products and recyclable packaging to minimize our environmental footprint.

🟩State-of-the-art technology:

Our salon is equipped with energy efficient technology and we rely on renewable energy sources. We are proud to contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

🟩Social responsibility:

We support local communities by supporting apprentices and young talent. Our goal is to train not only outstanding hairdressers, but also people with passion for our craft and our values.

A unique employer value proposition:

Our employer value proposition is based on craftsmanship, sustainability and social responsibility. If you're a top stylist who combines precision craftsmanship with a heart for the environment and social responsibility, our team could be the right place for you.

The opportunity to change the industry:

Together we can redefine the world of beauty while making a positive contribution to the environment and society.🔥🔥

We are looking for like-minded people who share our journey into the world of beauty and sustainability.

Apply today and become part of our journey into the world of beauty and sustainability.

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